NORWEGIAN PREMIERE ARICA will have its Norwegian Premiere at HUMAN International Documentary Film Festival. The film, with Karl Emil Rikardsen at Relation04 Media as the Norwegian co-producer, will be in International Competition. HUMAN International Documentary Festival is Oslo’s largest documentary film festival presenting the newest Norwegian and International documentaries in combination with debates, talks, seminars and workshops, art exhibitions, theatre plays and more. The festival consists of two competition programs, and a manifold film program tuned in on human rights and other social issues.

Professor Jonas Ebbesson, member of the Arica Victims’ legal team in the trial vs Boliden Mineral, writes an Opinion Editorial in Dagens Nyheter, the most significant newspaper in Sweden. Referring to international law, Ebbesson says Sweden has an obligation to involve to resolve the situation. The article is in Swedish and behind a paywall, but will soon be available in English and Spanish.

"The consequences of this brutal act of contemporary colonization and irresponsible capitalism are still visible and painful." POV critic Davide Abbatescianni labels ARICA as a significan "doc against capitalism"

”A David and Goliath story” (Translated from Dutch) "In the 1980s, at the time of Pinochet, the Swedish mining company Boliden has toxic industrial waste shipped to the Chilean city of Arica, where it is meant to be processed. However, that did not happen: the waste was left unprotected on a site near a poor neighborhood for years. The film Toxic Playground showed already in 2009 how this led to serious health problems for local residents, such as cancer and birth defects. Partly because of this film, a Swedish lawyer team decides to sue the company on behalf of a large

At this year’s IDFA, ARICA will be the only Scandinavian film to premiere. Naturally promoted by Scandinavian Films at the festival. Also Chiledoc is promoting the film among it’s six films and projects selected, among them San Sebastian award winning ’The Mole Agent’ (El agente topo). Chilean documentaries take IDFA 2020 RADIOGRAPH OF A FAMILY

There are no less than five Chilean films in the IDFA line-up 2020. Add to that the ARICA-premiere, with AricaDoc as a co-producer. - 'We are proud to be mentioned in this context. Chile stands very strong on the international scene, with ”The Agent Mole” as one of the strongest documentaries presented this year', says ARICA’s Swedish producer Andreas Rocksén.  Read the article in Variety:

Documentary maker William Johansson Kalén is upset about Bolidens complaints against the lawyers of Arica Victims. The documentary Arica recently premiered and the film deals with the lawsuit following Bolidens dumping of arsenic dust in the Chilean town Arica in the 1980’s. One of the filmmakers, William Johansson Kalén, claims Boliden has gone after the lawyers of the Arica-side and that this could have major consequences. – You don’t come across these kinds of cases very often and it’s an incredible sacrifice the lawyers make by taking them on the terms that if win, they get paid and otherwise they get nothing. It