NORWEGIAN PREMIERE ARICA will have its Norwegian Premiere at HUMAN International Documentary Film Festival. The film, with Karl Emil Rikardsen at Relation04 Media as the Norwegian co-producer, will be in International Competition. HUMAN International Documentary Festival is Oslo’s largest documentary film festival presenting the newest Norwegian and International documentaries in combination with debates, talks, seminars and workshops, art exhibitions, theatre plays and more. The festival consists of two competition programs, and a manifold film program tuned in on human rights and other social issues.

Professor Jonas Ebbesson, member of the Arica Victims’ legal team in the trial vs Boliden Mineral, writes an Opinion Editorial in Dagens Nyheter, the most significant newspaper in Sweden. Referring to international law, Ebbesson says Sweden has an obligation to involve to resolve the situation. The article is in Swedish and behind a paywall, but will soon be available in English and Spanish.